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Responsibility far beyond the factory gate.


In the words of Danone CEO, Frank Riboud, “Our economic and social responsibility doesn't stop at the office door or factory gate”. This simple sentence marked the launch of ‘the Danone Ecosystem Fund’, a truly global initiative and the catalyst to an accelerated attitude in corporate social responsibility – A fresh manifesto, that governs a new chapter of the Group’s role in both economic and social worlds, from product, production, services and transport.


With a brief that required a disciplined approach to communicating many complicated processes, blcreative developed a concise mini-brochure pitching the Danone Ecosystem Fund with positivity, energy, and confidence. The result was a fresh and inspiring overview of the Group’s role in economic and social responsibility, finished to the level of purity and professionalism that all Danone communication requires

Client: Danone
Category: Advocacy Communications / Graphic design

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