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Branding Brussels’ finest examples of commercial Real-Estate.

Jacqmain’s Majesty.

Stéphanie Square and Stéphanie Plaza - two precious and protected architectural works-of-art, each admired, celebrated and renowned. Each is also a business address of unrivalled class and unarguable distinction – a fusion of luxury and practicality, providing office comfort of unprecedented levels, and managed real-estate services that are second-to-none. Our challenge was to communicate their rich architectural history and to promote to a discerning audience their position today as two of the finest examples of commercial Real Estate on the Brussels market.

The demand for a distinguished business address in Brussels is high – This has led to a competitive commercial real-estate market, and subsequently, for those who manage high-end office space, the requirement of a distinctive and premium tone to their communication material to successfully market their properties to the right audience. Our response was the development of a suite of dedicated campaign material that encapsulated a precisely crafted story of architectural beauty and the attraction that Stéphanie Square and Plaza have today as two of Brussels most distinguished business addresses.

Central to the campaign roll-out was a 24 pages brochure of ultimate quality for targeted marketing – At the core of the content was the story André Jacqmain, one of Belgium’s most talented and famous Architects, who through the two buildings, perfected his art-deco dream. To this we added the history of their location, the celebrated Avenue Louise, originally the vision of King Leopold II, and today Brussels’ most cosmopolitan of city centre locations. Bringing the story right into the 21st century, we highlighted a renovation that has provided two of the most sustainable business environments in Brussels, from ground floor recycling services, to the hard-working honey bees hosed on the roof. All material featured a new logotype, developed by ourselves, and inspired by one of the most recognisable art-deco façade details.

We have helped to position Stephanie Square and Plaza at the forefront of Belgian Commercial real-estate market and high in the minds of Brussels most discerning audiences, and those who are looking for the ultimate office address of distinction.

Client: AG Real Estate
Category: Branding / Graphic design

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