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Posté juin 02, 2017 par Justine

No Bullshit, Smart Data only.

We create, measure and analyse sets of data from your e-commerce website and use them to continuously improve it. We also setup marketing lever to bring your website visibility to an higher level.

What's so special about our Digital Marketing Approach ?


It was thought to be iterative. 
Based on smart data, we are able to continuously improve the results of the actions we take during a digital plan. It’s not about intuition, our data-driven way of thinking allows us to provide strong strategies that work. First, we create a strategy based on a deep analyze of both the brand’s values and the brand’s online data. Then we implement precise actions that will stick with realistic KPI’s and objectives. Finally we extract the results and cross the data to create a smart report. And this goes back to the start of the loop: with the results we are able to suggest improvements, that will generate a new action plan. 

We take this opportunity to introduce you to our next project in this field, “Tiroir de Lou”. This high quality handmade jewellery brand is going to be our partner in the upcoming times and we couldn’t be happier to work with this beautiful Belgian brand !

No smoke, no mirrors, just winning strategies. 

You’ll soon be able to get more information about this but for now, let the magic work.
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